Establish A
Business Model

It’s important to understand the type of business you are about to start. All startups (regardless of the product or service they are selling) fall under “Categories” of business model.  By learning about the category you fit into, you’ll be better prepared to succeed in providing your unique value to your customers.

What Type of Business Fits Your Needs?

A business model is the way a company creates, delivers, and captures value through its operations. Understanding the different types of business models is essential for entrepreneurs as it allows them to choose the best fit for their venture.  It’s also important to understand what value you are bringing to your customers. Solving this question early will allow you to narrow your market, clarify your business plan, and help others understand what your company offers. Search below for a type of business that seems like it will fit your needs.


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Shu Yang Hofstra
Shu Yang, Ph.D Assistant Professor,
Hofstra University

Shu's research primarily focuses on gender funding gaps and accelerator impact.
Her research has been published in the Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Research Journal, and Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy.

Liza Herzog, Ph.D Affiliated Faculty,
Drexel University

Liza Herzog has 20 years of experience in education across higher education both as an administrator and as a faculty member.
Her work crosses curriculum design and development, program evaluation and assessment, strategic school improvement planning, and research design.

John H. Wilson, PhD Teaching Professor,
Drexel University

John Wilson an entrepreneur and scholar with more than twenty years experience as a business leader in the software & services industries.
He strives to bring a multi-dimensional perspective on market dynamics and a lean, iterative approach to building thriving, profitable businesses.

Jeff Whalen
Jeff Whalen, Ph.D STEM Entrepreneur in Residence, Florida State University

Jeff Whalen is an entrepreneur, innovator, chemist, teacher, and mentor with experience creating several successful science innovation technology startups.
His coursework at Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship focuses on real-life STEM innovation and commercialization.

Lori Kendal Linked In
Lori Kendall, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University

Lori Kendall has 30+ years as a serial entrepreneur, engineer, and technology executive.
She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in quantitative methods, entrepreneurship, business strategy, problem-solving, and leadership.

Allen Clary
Allen Clary Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, USF

Allen Clary is a startup advisor who is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create and grow great companies.
He inspires his students by laying out the hard steps, sacrifice, and discipline required to be a successful entrepreneur.