Frequently Asked Questions

Startup Wars is a startup simulation platform that aims to teach players the principles of entrepreneurship and company management through fun and engaging gameplay.

The team at OpenForge! OpenForge is a Philadelphia-based B-corp that is specialized in mobile app development. They have been Ionic Platform’s trusted partner since 2015. Jedidiah Weller; OpenForge’s CEO - a serial entrepreneur himself - believes that the best way to learn entrepreneurship is by experiencing it firsthand, and had a vision to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn business concepts in a safe and engaging environment. The OpenForge team released a Proof of Concept in 2019, and have been working to bring the concept to life ever since!

The short answer is no; Startup Wars is designed as a companion resource to existing entrepreneurship curriculums.

The goal is to create a safe environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to fail, without real-world consequences; where they will learn the power of research and importance of decision-making. Students will go bankrupt in the game so they won’t go bankrupt in real life. The simulation platform will teach players about finding a market fit, financial planning and more!

There are recurring themes across all our campaigns in Startup Wars; all campaigns will include a customer discovery phase, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) creation principles, and a "Ready - Set - Go" structure.

The Startup Wars campaigns are modeled after real life founders’ stories; and we’re constantly adding more! A professor is able to set up the environment and customize it by setting deadlines and financial restraints.

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