Sprint Planning Meeting

What is Sprint Planning?

Sprint Planning determines the goal the team will achieve and the work required to achieve it. A sprint is a predetermined amount of time where the work will be complete. 

The team figures out what specific activities will be complete by the end of a sprint.

Why is Sprint Planning Important?

The team at Startup Wars wants to update the database to allow users to put emojis in their names. A Sprint Planning meeting helps decide what tasks are required to update the database.

They will set an end date for this sprint at the end of the week to make sure they will be available to work on another big update next week. This meeting has allowed the team to identify the tasks needed to complete the database update, determine a timeline for the work, and decide on the desired result of the sprint.

When a team doesn’t have this meeting to figure out all of these elements, the risk of confusion and miscommunication greatly increases. It is unclear what exactly has to be done if there is no set deadline for a goal. It’s not possible to determine the team’s success at the end of the sprint if the expected result hasn’t been agreed upon.

Sprint Planning in Startup Wars

In Startup Wars, you will have to use sprint planning to assign tasks to their employees for the week. This helps students learn task delegation, resource allocation, and more. Sprint Planning is a part of Agile Project Management, which Startup Wars uses as inspiration for its project management mechanics. Sprint Planning increases project quality, reduce risks, and boosts team collaboration.

Sprint Planning

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Darshita Bajoria Undergraduate Student, The Ohio State University

Startup Wars is an interactive way to learn and hone entrepreneurial skills while being a no-risk outlet. Great tool for those pursuing entrepreneurship.