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Our simulation consultants are experts on how to use Startup Wars. They can help you understand and integrate the simulation tools to your classroom in a better way.

Simulation Consultants Spekaing
Yanko Herrera Simulation Consultant

“I would be so happy to help you! I have a background in Business Management, and I am now an expert at using Startup Wars.”

    Luis Cordero Simulation Consultant

    “Entrepreneurship and helping others are my passions. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding the simulation!”

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      Chat with one Consultant

      “Our consultants are available to answer all your questions, just remember they tend to sleep over the night, but before 19:00 they are ready”

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      “Feel free to email our consultants at any time, [email protected] Our response time is 24 hours, so please give them enough time to get back to you”

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      “Walkthrough the simulation with our consultants and let them resolve all your questions”

      Common Questions

      The main goal of our simulation consultants are to help you get the best possible experience from Startup Wars and our different simulations. We will be there for you before, during, and after you use Startup Wars.

      For us to provide the most to students, universities, and professors, our consultants have experience working on startups, as well as working on advanced education, like MBAs.

      We have discover that for some users, especially those with no prior simulation experience, using a tool like this can be challenging. Our simulation consultants are there to ensure your experience will be good, fluent, and specially focused on your class.

      Our simulation consultants are available to answer any and all questions you may have before, during, and after the use of the simulation.

      Similar to benefitting the professors, our constants are here to answer any questions a student may have. They can also encourage students to be fully immerse themselves in the simulations and the benefits that follow.

      Our simulation consultants know a lot about Startup Wars. Necessary skills include problem-solving skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, proactivity and resilience, and empathy.