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T-Shirt Company Simulation

This campaign places students as the founder of an eCommerce T-Shirt business. They are tasked with staying in business for a set amount of days. They will learn essential topics such as the Lean Startup Process and Financial Management.

How It Works

Students Become Founders

Build your team

Students will get to run their very own team of employees. Balance business goals and employee needs to achieve success in as a team leader.

Decide your future

Students will learn decision making from a leadership position. The choices made will impact their company and employees.

Manage your startup

Students will be involved in every aspect of owning a business. From accounting to hiring, they are guided step by step through the entrepreneuer path.

Created From Student Feedback

Startups Created
Campaigns Completed

For Professors

Control The Experience

Customizable Campaign

Professors have full control of the Startup Wars experience in their classroom. This program includes a robust Teacher Portal, where professors can change the settings of the campaign.

Speak with a Real Founder

The real world entrepreneur journey extends past the virtual world. This program includes up to two guest lectures by a founder of three successful startup companies.

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Startup Wars has been a great experience! The students have gotten hands on founder experience.

Lori Ohio State University

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