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Is your college looking to include socially driven entrepreneurship teaching in your program? Startup Wars is the only platform that allows students to prepare themselves for business and entrepreneurship by choosing business simulations that match their personalized educational journey throgu an experiential learning approach.

These state-of-the-art capabilities are designed to foster entrepreneurial engagement across various disciplines, including business, arts, design, hospitality, engineering, and more!


Personalized, Experiential Learning for Every Student

Our platform empowers your institution to offer experiential journeys that resonate with each student’s individual career goals. Whether you’re teaching business majors or arts and sciences students, there’s a simulation just for them! Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing curriculum, offering an engaging and practical teaching tool that caters to diverse interests and disciplines.

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Foster Experiential Learning Among Your Students

We believe in the power of applied learning. Our simulations provide a means for your students to directly apply academic lessons in a classroom setting, preparing them for real-world business scenarios. From understanding inventory management and financial reports, to mastering human resources and marketing strategies, Startup Wars equips your students with the skills they need to succeed. Revolutionize your teaching with Startup Wars today!

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Incorporate Social Responsibility In Your Business Curriculum

Imagine a classroom where students are not just learning but living the principles of entrepreneurship, navigating through real-world challenges, and crafting innovative solutions with a social conscience. That’s the dynamic experience we are offering, tailored to instill not just skills, but values and vision.

We believe that integrating social consciousness into students’ foundational learning is not just important — it’s imperative. Our newly enhanced social impact simulation capabilities are designed to facilitate decisions that intertwine business acumen with social responsibility.

Include The Power of Customization

We understand that each institution has its unique teaching approach, student demographics, and curriculum requirements. That’s why we offer customization options for institutions, allowing you to tailor our simulations to fit your specific needs. Adjusting the simulation difficulty level, incorporating specific business scenarios, and integrating additional learning resources are just a few features that make our platform flexible and adaptable.

Transform Your Classroom into a
Business Incubator

Our platform offers a variety of simulations tailored to fit every student’s interests. Whether they’re tech enthusiasts dreaming of launching their next big app, fashion lovers aiming to start their own clothing line, artisans hoping to monetize their craft, or foodies aspiring to run their own food truck – there’s a simulation just for them.

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