Our Mission

Our Mission

At Startup Wars, we believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship. Our mission is to equip aspiring and established entrepreneurs with the most innovative and realistic simulation tools. These tools are designed to provide a safe, controlled environment for testing, learning and growing.


By rethinking how simulations are designed, built, and distributed, we are able to provide students with their personal interests for an enhanced learning journey.


Why are we Passionate about Entrepreneurship Education?

Safe Testing Ground

Imagine a pilot training in a flight simulator before taking to the skies. Similarly, our entrepreneurship simulations offer a risk-free zone where you can experiment with business strategies, learn from mistakes, and gain confidence.

Bridge Theory and Practice
Think of our simulations as a laboratory where scientific theories meet real-world applications. They bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, making the transition from concept to execution seamless and effective.
Accelerated Learning

Just as athletes watch game tapes to improve their performance, our simulations provide instant feedback and analytics. This accelerates the learning process, allowing you to understand complex business dynamics rapidly.

Prepare for the Unpredictable

Just as a chess player anticipates various moves and outcomes, our simulations help you develop strategic foresight, preparing you for the unpredictable nature of the business world.


Every year, over 2 million U.S. college students become part of the ‘entrepreneurship club’ and they are not alone.  There are currently 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide, and more are deciding to start their own ventures every day. 


Students are desperate to apply the critical knowledge they gain in their academic careers; however, they often feel unable to meaningfully apply that knowledge within a single semester.

How would your hospitality student experience starting their own restaurant?  Or a fashion student creating their own t-shirt company? 


By gathering engaging stories and experiences from real startup founders, we’ve crafted an experience
unlike any other.

Now, students can take the lessons they learn in class and apply them to the business of their choosing; all within a 1-2 week assignment. 


Non-stopping commitment 🔥

Recognizing us as top innovators in the industry, INTA has awarded Startup Wars the top spot in the Scale-Up Winner category on the Open Innovation Challenge event during the 2024 Annual Meeting celebrated on May 19. The event took place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

This further accentuates our commitment to set industry standards and to establish StartupWars as the premier entrepreneurship ed-tech solution.


Our award winning efforts

Success doesn’t happen overnight, and we, the team behind the Startup Wars platform, know this all too well. It’s been a journey of continuous effort and improvement – always tweaking, always innovating, always pushing for excellence. And this 2023, hard work has paid off, as we received award-winning international recognition at the QS Reimagine Education Awards Conference in Abu Dhabi.


For Students, By Students

From 2020 to 2022 we worked with thousands of instructors and students across 31 colleges, and high schools to release a series of simulations, enhancements, and updates all based upon student feedback and instructor participation.

These two years of customer-led research & development were crucial to the success of Startup Wars, because they allowed us to take our expertise in gamification and product design and pair it with the skills of educators and the needs of students.

From allowing students to experiment with different market scenarios and predict success rates, to providing access to a community of like-minded individuals for support and guidance, Startup Wars is truly a platform built “For Students, By Students”.


First version of Startup Wars

In 2020, we started the full research and development lifecycle for building out the MVP of Startup Wars.

Originally we were planning to launch as a consumer product; however, when COVID hit we saw that many instructors and educational institutions were finally innovating and adopting new technology at a pace similar to private industry, and all of them were looking to rapidly deploy cutting edge technologies to engage with their students digitally.


Startup Wars launches

An idea was born! After running the Philadelphia Junto & Startup Junto for a number of years, we noticed that entrepreneurs were struggling to take advice and lessons and apply those to their businesses in a safe environment. After looking at the existing solutions in the market, we noticed that all “simulations” were essentially web-based excel spreadsheets. They provide some educational value, but not a single one provided the “experience” of entrepreneurship, and they often had a single simulation offered at a time. We thought, there has to be a better way! And so the idea for Startup Wars began.


Why are our values so important?

As part of our mission, we are focused on providing quality entrepreneurship simulations but also care about the impact they have on students and by consequence, our society. By integrating this values into the mission of our company, we establish a foundation for building strong solutions, consistency across applications and attracting top talent. Below we list the main values that propel us towards success and sustainability.


Personal growth


Let's Empower The Next Generation of Founders

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