Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and empower future entrepreneurs to change the world by giving them the experiences they need to run a successful company. 

We believe that the best way to learn entrepreneurship is to experience it; and that provides the core foundation to the Startup Wars platform.  

Our simulations provide a means for students to apply academic lessons directly in the class room setting.

Why Our Simulations are Important

Did you know?

Every year, over 2 million U.S. college students become part of the ‘entrepreneurship club’. 

There are currently 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide.

The Problem

Students have no way to safely experience entrepreneurship.

Unlike other fields where you can experiment within the classroom, in entrepreneurship the only way to truly experience it is to do it.

The Startup Experience

By gathering engaging stories and experiences from real startup founders, we've crafted an experience unlike any other.

Now, students can live through an entrepreneurship experience, instead of simply reading about it in their textbooks.

Let's Empower The Next Generation Of Founders

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