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Startup Wars is not just an educational tool but a comprehensive ecosystem fostering informed decision-making, risk assessment, and nuanced business management insights in a secured learning environment.

Let’s work together to equip the next generation of entrepreneurs with the acumen and adaptability required to navigate the complex business landscape.

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What is Startup Wars?

Startup Wars is a platform that empowers you to deliver personalized entrepreneurial experiences to your studentsOurs is the only platform that provides students the ability to choose experiential simulations that are tailored to their individual interests while still providing instructors an easy to use and standardized form of grading.

Startup Wars has been built in collaboration with over 5,000 instructors and students to create a learning platform unlike any other. These capabilities will dramatically increase your student engagement and satisfaction, and enhance your capabilities for applied learning in entrepreneurship education.

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How Does it Work?

Step 1: Set up Your Free Account


Setting up an account is an easy process. Simply schedule a 30 minute call with one of our instructional designers to set up a free account, and then you’ll be able to set up up your account and start meeting the needs of your organization.   

Accounts are always free for Educators and Administrators, and there are no long term contracts or commitments required to set up an account and explore the simulations.


Step 2: Choose Your Assignments


Our simulations are designed to provide maximum experiential student engagement while requiring minimal adjustment to your existing curriculum.

Most instructors incorporate 2-3 Startup Wars Simulations as homework or in-class assignments to their students and align the assignments around their existing class schedule.

The entire setup process takes roughly 5 minutes, and then your class will be configured and ready for the next semester.


Step 3: Choose Your Billing Type


You always have full control of how you wish to handle billing. We offer two primary methods to cover all needs:

Method #1 is “Direct To Student”, which allows you to simply include Startup Wars into your class as a courseware or textbook fee. When Startup Wars is included at your university this allows students to either pay directly, through the bookstore, or with financial aid.

Method #2 is “Provide Passes” which allows the department to cover the cost of the experiential learning programs on each student’s behalf.  Discount tables are built into the platform directly for some of our offers, so the more licenses the department purchases, the greater the discount.

Both methods come with technical & instructional design support for all license holders, which makes adoption easy at any organization!


And the Last Step...

Final Step - Invite Your Class!


We are proud to offer a “1 click” setup process for your students.  

Simply click “Copy Student Invitation Link” to copy the link to your clipboard, and then send that link to your class through your existing LMS or via email.

Once the students receive the link, they’ll be able to register their accounts and we handle everything else from there! The entire process is self-onboarding, so no additional instructor work is required. 

As students complete their assignments, instructors will receive all completion data directly to their instructor portal for easy grading, reflection, and evaluation. 


And That's It!

Startup Wars is an internationally recognized and award winning platform for entrepreneurship and business education.

If you’d like to get started and set up your first class, or would like to learn more about the platform, simply fill out our form by clicking on the link below and our team will be in touch within 24 hours.

Professor Startup Wars

Trusted by Instructors Nationwide

Allow your students to experience startups that are relatable to their individual careers; regardless of their background or major. By incorporating the Startup Wars platform into your syllabus, you’ll be providing each student with educational materials that fit their needs. From class sizes of 5 to 450, the platform transforms the way instructors teach entrepreneurship in their classes.

Shu Yang Hofstra
Shu Yang, Ph.D Assistant Professor,
Hofstra University

"Startup Wars gives students a chance to learn and fail virtually, so it’s less intimidating — and it’s much more fun than homework"

John H. Wilson
John H. Wilson, PhD Teaching Professor,
Drexel University

"Startup Wars is the most aligned with what real-world entry into entrepreneurship is like. The content is robust and works for all audiences, and it’s fun."

Jeff Whalen
Jeff Whalen, Ph.D STEM Entrepreneur in Residence, Florida State University

"I believe that an immersive and engaging simulation platform like Startup Wars has the potential to teach students entrepreneurship skills and abilities that are simply not possible to obtain through normal teaching methods alone."

Lori Kendal Linked In
Lori Kendall, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University

"This is how we all learn. We work at someone else’s startup. We work for a founder, watching, learning. It’s easier to develop your own thing if you’ve had a chance to watch someone else do it first."

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