Turn Your Students Into Founders

Startup Wars allows students to engage with their professors through fun and interactive startup simulations.

Turn Your Students Into Founders

Startup Wars allows students to engage with their professors through fun and interactive startup simulations.

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The Startup Wars Solution

Inspired by Real Entrepreneurs

Created by a team with real entrepreneurship experience, Startup Wars has been crafted to capture the stories and lessons learned by real founders.

A Real Startup Experience – Without the Risk

Our simulation platform engages students in an interactive and immersive simulated startup environment that is reflective of real life; allowing them to assess situations and develop a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts.

Built for Education

The Startup Wars program was designed as a companion resource to existing entrepreneurship curriculums. Our simulators are fully customizable to align with a professor's semester-long curriculum.

Experiential Learning For Entrepreneurship

What We Do

Students and aspiring founders have no way to safely experience entrepreneurship. This is where Startup Wars comes in - we simulate the startup experience, based off of real-life founder stories! An environment is set up to challenge students, who will need to make decisions against financial and time constraints, and to learn from mistakes they make along the way.

Learning Objectives

There is much to learn before becoming an entrepreneur; and theory can only take you so far. By participating in the different campaigns within Startup Wars, students will be exposed to a variety of topics, including: planning and decision-making, financial management, the Lean Startup Process, team workload management, and customer discovery, among others.

How We Solve The Problem

Gamification and storytelling elements meet structured learning objectives set by professors to provide an engaging dynamic for students to experience the realities of being a founder and develop skills unique to entrepreneurs and apply classroom foundations to compete amongst each other!

In a word - feedback! We are highly engaged with both professors and students in order to gather and apply feedback to continuously improve Startup Wars!

Experience is something that can't be taught. Most students have not yet had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in goal setting, business management, and decision making. Startup Wars places students in the role of a small business founder; along with all the (virtual!) risks and responsibilities a founder would shoulder.

A Growing Community of Entrepreneurs

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"I found the experience very interesting and educational, and I look forward to using your knowledge in the future. I enjoyed many aspects of the game, especially how it was different than other simulations I have done in other classes. The characters in the game made playing it a lot more fun. I also liked how you were able to control all of the decisions you made in your company. "
-Dan Rupert, Student from Seton Hill
"I think the game is fun and innovative, and I am sure it is going to be a part of college and high school classes in the future. Your knowledge, resources and information you have shared with us have helped me, and will help me to develop as a person and as a professional in my business career. I really appreciate it."
Alexander Dysen, Student from Seton Hill

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