Enhance Student Engagement with Immersive Business Simulations

Our platform brings education to life with immersive, tailored simulations that let students explore business & entrepreneurship in an engaging and enjoyable way. No matter your major or background, our simulations provide real-world business experiences that can shape your career path. Dive in and experience the future of entrepreneurship education today.

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Learn by doing


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The Institute of Applied Behavioral Science of the NTL states that most students retain 75% of what they learn by doing, compared to 5% from a lecture, or even 30% through demonstration only.

  • A hands-on experience empowers students to practice what they learn in a scenario that mirrors real life. By actively engaging in hands-on practice, students can transform theoretical knowledge into real-world skills, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

The Top Simulation Platform for Business & Entrepreneurship

Startup Wars is the best platform for engaging students with interactive learning in business education.  Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we are the only platform allows instructors to provide a full catalog of engaging business games to their students with the click of a button. 
This allows students to enjoy content that’s relevant to their individual interests, while still providing instructors an easy-to-use standardized form of grading. 


Bridge the Gap Between Theoretical Learning and Practical Application


Your students will no longer have to wait to apply your in-class lessons.  Now, as you teach your students will be able to directly apply your content in a simulated environment, regardless of the type of business.  

Each simulation is tailored, allowing students to select scenarios aligning with their individual interests, enhancing engagement and academic satisfaction.


The Perfect Way to Develop Financial Literacy Skills in a Startup Business

Test your students’ skills in a virtual business environment where they’ll make decisions about everything from investments to marketing strategies.


Prepare your Students for the Real World of Starting a Business

With our platform, your students will be able to develop their strategic thinking skills by making critical decisions about everything from product development to resource allocation.


Drive Results With Interactive Learning

Personalized Learning for Students

Your students can choose from a catalog of business simulations that fit their interests. Whether it’s the arts, hospitality, or a SaaS company, we have relatable simulations for every type of student.

Flexible Evaluation Methods

Educators are empowered to deliver tailored learning experiences while sustaining an intuitive grading system. Our commitment is to ensure fairness and accessibility for all!

Authentic, Hands-On Education

Students thoroughly enjoy applying the knowledge gained from your lessons to a business simulation of their choice. The days of waiting until graduation to experiment with that restaurant idea or side project are over!

Experience Trials & Successes

The journey of launching a startup is challenging, but it offers your students the opportunity to learn from both victories and defeats, mirroring real-world experiences without the associated financial risks!


Backed by a National Network of Entrepreneurship Instructors.

All of our business simulations are community-driven and continually refined through contributions from both our instructors and students.

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Alima Dostiyarova Assistant Professor, KBTU University

"Startup Wars as a simulation is a very useful experience that challenges students and makes the learning process more interesting and varied. It gives opportunities to students to think differently, make tough decisions, to understand business processes, and also change something (e.g., to be more confident).

The literature on using simulations in the learning process emphasizes the transformative impact of experiential learning on student outcomes.Moreover, there is a strong impact on students outcomes:

  • Improved retention
  • Enhanced critical thinking
  • Better decision-making skills
  • Increased motivation"

Shu Yang Hofstra
Shu Yang, Ph.D Assistant Professor,
Hofstra University

"Startup Wars gives students a chance to learn and fail virtually, so it’s less intimidating — and it’s much more fun than homework"

John H. Wilson
John H. Wilson, PhD Teaching Professor,
Drexel University

"Startup Wars is the most aligned with what real-world entry into entrepreneurship is like. The content is robust and works for all audiences, and it’s fun."

Jeff Whalen
Jeff Whalen, Ph.D STEM Entrepreneur in Residence, Florida State University

"I believe that an immersive and engaging simulation platform like Startup Wars has the potential to teach students entrepreneurship skills and abilities that are simply not possible to obtain through normal teaching methods alone."

Lori Kendal Linked In
Lori Kendall, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University

"This is how we all learn. We work at someone else’s startup. We work for a founder, watching, learning. It’s easier to develop your own thing if you’ve had a chance to watch someone else do it first."

Experiential Learning for startup business simulations

Reimagine Your Curriculum Today

Success in the startup world requires more than just book knowledge, and you know it! That’s why we created Startup Wars.

Request your demo today and discover how you can empower your students to explore different types of businesses, without the real-life financial risk.