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Simulations for All Majors

Students can choose from a catalog of startup business simulations that fit their personal interests and backgrounds.

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Applied Learning

Students can have fun while applying lessons from class into a business that matches their interests.

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No matter what simulation the students pick; Instructors have a single and easy method of grading their participation.

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Improve with Experience

Startups are hard - and your students will learn through failure. With Startup Wars, they can experience these lessons without the real-life financial risk.


Backed by a National Network of entrepreneurship Instructors.

All of our business simulations are driven by our community, and are constantly being updated improved thanks to contributions from our instructors and students alike.  

Do you have an idea for the next simulation?   Join the community and let your voice be heard!

Shu Yang Hofstra
Shu Yang, Ph.D Assistant Professor,
Hofstra University

"Startup Wars gives students a chance to learn and fail virtually, so it’s less intimidating — and it’s much more fun than homework"

John H. Wilson
John H. Wilson, PhD Teaching Professor,
Drexel University

"Startup Wars is the most aligned with what real-world entry into entrepreneurship is like. The content is robust and works for all audiences, and it’s fun."

Jeff Whalen
Jeff Whalen, Ph.D STEM Entrepreneur in Residence, Florida State University

"I believe that an immersive and engaging simulation platform like Startup Wars has the potential to teach students entrepreneurship skills and abilities that are simply not possible to obtain through normal teaching methods alone."

Lori Kendal Linked In
Lori Kendall, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, The Ohio State University

"This is how we all learn. We work at someone else’s startup. We work for a founder, watching, learning. It’s easier to develop your own thing if you’ve had a chance to watch someone else do it first."


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