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Unleash Your Students' Entrepreneurial Spirit!

With Startup Wars, high school business education just got a whole lot more exciting!

Give your students the power to dive into the heart of business decision-making, human resources, company strategy, financial management, and workload management, all while experiencing the thrill and challenge of running a startup.

We have special entrepreneurship simulations specifically designed for introductory entrepreneurship courses; a great fit for students in grades 9-12.

Why Startup Wars?

Entrepreneurship Education for Eager Young Minds

We provide students from all walks of life the ability to engage in an experiential learning approach that teaches aspects of financial literacy, business acumen, strategic planning, workforce considerations and more! 

Our High School programs are designed to provide this essential knowledge by immersing students in a simulated environment where they will cultivate strategic thinking, financial literacy, problem-solving, and decision-making, essential skills in any professional setting.

Startup Wars Community Update
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Designed to Accompany High School Programs

Our simulation platform was designed to be an ally for existing course content and flexible from its inception. Teachers can leverage the platform to diversify their in-class strategies without having to get rid of years of work behind their curricula and, instead, enhance their class sessions!

Our instructional design team will provide your team with additional supplementary material that will help with entrepreneurship education, startup businesses, grading strategies, visible thinking skills and progress tracking.  

Don’t worry – our instructional design team always keeps the content relevant for high school students and understands the challenges that educating a young audience can bring!

Introduce Social & Environmental Responsibility

Imagine a classroom where students are not just learning, but living the principles of entrepreneurship, navigating through real-world challenges, and crafting innovative solutions with a social conscience. That’s the dynamic experience we are offering, tailored to instill not just skills, but values and vision.

We believe that integrating social consciousness into students’ foundational learning is not just important — it is imperative for a world that needs it. Our newly enhanced social impact capabilities are designed to facilitate decisions that intertwine business acumen with social and environmental responsibility using a language that resonates with newer generations.

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Show Parents Your Innovative Programming

With the latest in robust gamification technology, you’ll be able to provide reports with a fun, engaging badging system that your students will enjoy and parents will love. 

We provide constant feedback and learning opportunities in different ways throughout the simulations to keep students engaged, happy, and learning along the way, so every new attempt is another chance to succeed.  

More importantly, your students will be able to choose experiential learning journeys that match their personalized educational needs while still giving you, as the instructor, a standardized form of grading.

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