Community Update #5 – USASBE & CEO Partnerships!

Hey everyone,

For this month’s community update we are EXCITED to announce the launch of our faculty driven startup simulation competition for this year’s C-E-O & USASBE conferences!

STARTUP WARS, INC. is proud to announce our official partnerships with both the United States Association of Small Business & Entrepreneurship ( and the Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization ( for our upcoming Startup Simulation competition!

What exactly is it?

Startup Wars is an simulation platform – the foundation of our business is the ability for entrepreneurship professors to be able to customize their startup simulations to meet their needs and the needs of their students.

As such, this Fall term we’ll be releasing our first set of customized simulations.  And who’s leading the design of these simulations?  Why, our faculty community members of course!

What type of simulations are coming first?

The first new simulations that will be released will be focused on the Arts & Creatives.  These student communities have often been left out in business simulations, and we’re going to fix that.

As part of this year’s competition, entrepreneurship faculty from across the United States will be working with our team to customize, adapt, and perfect simulations specifically for creative students in the arts industry.  This includes simulations for businesses such as t-shirt companies (ecommerce), flea-markets, hand-made jewelry and crafts, and more.

How do I take part?

The program is open to all professors of business, entrepreneurship, art, music, and fashion.  Since we’re partnered with two amazing organizations on this initiative, there are two separate links to participate.

If you are a member of USASBE, please register here:

If you are a member of C-E-O, please register here:

If you’re not a member of either of those communities but are interested in using Startup Wars simulations for your classroom, please get a hold of us directly via our contact page and let us know what type of classes you are teaching this fall!