How Do Professors Benefit From Business Simulation Games

Want to create an exciting classroom? Try simulation!

There are many reasons why a professor should use startup simulation games in the university classroom.  

Business simulation games are a new and exciting form of interactive technology in the classroom. These games offer a unique, interactive learning experience that gives students a way to learn material in a more engaging way. 

This benefits Entrepreneurship Professors, too! When using strategic simulation games, professors are able to focus on building their students skills and improving their conceptual knowledge. 

Instead of just re-hashing theoretical knowledge or using stagnant traditional lecture methods, professors can use entrepreneurship games to aid their students in seeing the big picture of how a business organization works. 

Business simulation games help to improve teaching, overall. Startup Wars explains the many benefits to using business simulations in your classroom.

What Are The Benefits For Professors That Use Business Simulation Games?

There are many immediate and long-term benefits for professors who utilize business simulation games. 

Some proven advantages of simulation:

  • Students actively participate in lessons: When students are actively engaged in a lesson, a professor receives the immediate satisfaction of seeing their students actively learning. An engaged classroom is an exciting classroom.
  • Feedback is immediate: Simulation-based learning in education is very informative and beneficial for a professor. It helps a professor get immediate feedback from their students. This allows them to personalize the lessons to their students. 
  • Motivation increase: Business simulation games for students are proven to increase a student’s motivation to learn. When a professor gives a student a learning environment that is exciting and hands-on, a student becomes more motivated to explore, try new things, and fully engage.
  • Experience is safely gained: The best thing that a professor can do for their students is to expose them to as much real-life experience as possible. With simulation games, an entrepreneurial student can learn-while-doing, without any real-life consequences. This allows for risk taking and real experiential knowledge. 
  • Observation opportunities: Career simulation games for students offer invaluable opportunities to learn while observing. Professors can create scenarios where students learn by observing each other and their professor in real situations that could happen in their future jobs.
  • Flexibility: Ever wonder how to address a wide range of skills and abilities in your classroom? Simulation based training offers unique opportunities for professors to adjust simulations to their students’ individual needs and abilities. They can create an environment that allows for students to learn how to react in real time to the true uncertainty of the business world.
  • Grading and assessments: Business simulations allow a professor a greater experience in monitoring student learning in the classroom with interactive assessments, built in progress monitoring, and teacher evaluation tools. Grading and assessments are more easily generated, and more accurate. 

These simulated digital tools to enhance learning give invaluable benefits that allow a professor to create an exciting classroom for learning.

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How Do Startup Simulation Games Improve Teaching Skills?

Are you curious about how to be a better teacher? Keep your skills fresh.

Business simulation games and digital learning technologies can improve a professor’s teaching skills. They help to keep you actively on your toes. 

We’ve all sat through long and boring lectures where it feels like the professor is checked out and just lecturing at us. Simulations in an interactive classroom allow for an inspiring class – every professor’s dream. 

Simulations give teachers the ability to better relay theoretical concepts in a more effective way. Games that implement easy teaching tools allow a professor to provide an expansion of learning opportunities for all students.

In addition to this, hands-on learning allows a professor to better connect with their students on a deeper level. Connection to students is the key to a strong classroom.

What Are The Reasons For Professors To Choose Simulation Games Over Other Learning Tools?

Simulation games keep things fresh!

They give the professor the ability to more accurately test the hands-on skills of students in a fun way. This can allow them to see where there are gaps in learning, and gives them the opportunity to fill these gaps with opportunity-based teaching.

Professors that use the newest teaching methods can more easily engage and track their students’ learning. When a professor is given the gift of seeing their students react to real-life scenarios, they can delve further into the why and why not of the student’s reaction choices. This allows them to guide the student towards better decision making in the future.

The professor is in control of a fun and personalized experience! A professor can personalize the learning opportunities for their students and their exact levels – this is invaluable. Personalized learning plans allow for a more effective teaching situation with higher student retention and gain.

Give Startup Wars a call today to find out how you can create a new and exciting experience with simulation games in your own classroom. 

How Do Professors Benefit From Startup Simulation Games

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