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What is a Startup?

A startup is a company created by an entrepreneur to bring a unique product to market. While a normal business would use a tried and true business model and develop over time, a startup seeks to disrupt the market and scale at a rapid rate.

A startup founder will commonly bootstrap and seek funding from outside forces.

Why are Startups Important?

The business industry considers startups as market disruptors since they introduce new and exciting concepts to already established markets. In fact, some startups create all-new markets in themselves. A perfect example of this is Netflix. It is a video streaming giant that is in more than 200 million homes around the world. It started when a Blockbuster customer realized that only being able return DVDs in the store was inconvenient for him and many others.

Netflix wasn’t a business that started off as a huge corporation. It started off as a very small business to disrupt the home media market. The business kicked off one of the biggest business trends out right now: premium video streaming.

Companies such as Facebook started off as startups. Mark Zuckerberg was a regular college student who was building Facebook from his dorm room. As previously mentioned, startups are small businesses build off the back of their founders. Zuckerberg had to expand to outside sources to help fund the company. It’s safe to say it worked out. Facebook is a massive tech entity a decade after conception.

While it is common to believe that startups have to be completely unique and new, that is not exactly true. Both of the startups mentioned above were not the first of their kind. There were video streaming services before Netflix and social media sites before Facebook. The big difference here is the ability to disrupt the market and scale at such a large and fast rate.

Startups in Startup Wars

In Startup Wars, you get to create your very own startup with the many risks that usually come along with it. Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that 90% of startups fail. As with all things, experience is the best teacher. With Startup Wars, you can create numerous startups without the initial costs and need for funding.

From hiring employees, tracking finances, and even negotiating rent leases, Startup Wars is jam-packed with real-world startup experiences. By the time you’re ready to go out in the world and start your own business, you’ll already know how to bootstrap a company and prove the validity of your ideas.

What Is A Startup And Why Are They Important?

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Charlotte Kane
Charlotte Kane Undergraduate Student, The Ohio State University

Startup Wars allowed me to understand everything that goes into starting a business in 90 days.

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Darshita Bajoria Undergraduate Student, The Ohio State University

Startup Wars is an interactive way to learn and hone entrepreneurial skills while being a no-risk outlet. Great tool for those pursuing entrepreneurship.