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What is an Audience

An audience is anyone your business engages with who most likely ends up being customers. The people in the audience share similarities in age, location, gender, interests, and socioeconomic status. The audience is different from your target market. Your target market is who the company wants to purchase the product or service. The audience of your business is a smaller category of those who are actually interested in your business. 

The important thing to remember about an audience is having your business provide value. The value will be given to the customer with the expectation of nothing in return. You need to provide tangible value that makes them want to buy your product or service. You can do this through social media, email, YouTube, blogging, etc. Providing value sets you apart from your competitors and makes it more likely for potential customers to buy your product or service.

Why is it Important?

Finding your target audience allows your business to thrive. It will help you understand your niche and be able to control it. This lets you create relevant content that your customers will be in love with. Since the audience is a smaller group of people your content will be seen by fewer people, but it will be seen by the right people. Those audience members will put money into your business. 

How to Grow an Audience

1. Understand your audience

It is important to realize you can not win everyone over. You just need to focus on understanding your own audience. It is necessary to know who your audience is because it allows you to give them what they want. 

2. Create a story

Your content should be interesting and have a beginning, middle, and end. Your content should tell a story. It makes your audience interested in the content and spread the word or spend money on your business.

3. Engage your audience

The goal is to create compelling posts that will get your audience to interact with you. You can have effective social media posts without a manager. Engaging with your audience helps them trust you and your brand, making them become repeat customers.

4. Analyze the competition

What you want to do here is to take a look at your competitors’ work and improve on what they are doing. You do not want to copy your competition. It is important you remain your own brand and not copy someone else’s.

How to Measure Your Audience

Knowing audience interaction is very important to bettering your business. There are several different ways to measure your interaction. They may include notifications, shares, engaged time, email sign-ups, and views. It gets a little different depending on what type of business it is. For example, if it is a website, you will also be looking at pageviews, bounce rates, conversion rates, etc.

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