Community Update #13: March Updates

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Dear Community Members,
I’m thrilled to share that this week marks the rollout of several exciting updates, and I’m confident that you’ll appreciate the new addition to the simulation catalog on this Community Update #13 launched on March 2024!

Our focus is always on delivering high quality simulations that reflect real-life business scenarios, and we believe that these updates reflect that focus.

Below you will find a change-log of the updates in version 8.4+ of the Startup Wars platform. Certainly, these updates have improved the capabilities for both instructors and students alike. The updates are designed to help reduce the gap between theory and practice in entrepreneurship education.

Community Updates #13: For Educators
Vertical Farming Simulation Announced! (Fall Semester) 🌱

Community Update #14: March. New Vertical Farming Entrepreneurship Simulation

On this Community Update #13, we are thrilled to announce the latest innovation joining our educational arsenal – a cutting-edge business simulation focused on vertical farming. This new simulation, the 5th unique addition to the Startup Wars platform, is meticulously crafted to reflect the real-world complexities and rewards of the agricultural sector. This approach provides students with an immersive learning experience unparalleled in its depth and realism.

Community Update #14: March. New Farmers Market location
Students will have the opportunity to explore the nuances of agricultural business, including crop management and market dynamics, in a completely risk-free environment. This tool is designed not only to foster a comprehensive understanding of the agricultural sector but also to tailor the learning experience to the individual interests of students, making their educational journey as relevant and engaging as possible.
Through this simulation, we are particularly redefining the approach to learning about the agriculture industry, a cornerstone in the economy of any given country and the livelihood of its citizens, making it more accessible, practical, and aligned with the unique aspirations of each learner.`
This simulation will be available for the Fall Semester. If you or a colleague you know is interested in Agriculture Entrepreneurship, please reply to this email and let us know so we can send you over information on how to participate!

Updates for Students
New Content & Platform Updates

📱 Modal UI Updates: Additionally, the responsiveness and design of all modals (in all simulations) has been updated to provide a significantly better user experience for students with different device sizes. Action Modals are now more responsive and easier to use on tablets and smaller laptops (such as Mac 13 inch). Students will have access to these updates immediately.

📖 Content, Content, Content! Inside this Community Update #13, new events have been added to each simulation to increase the challenge and differences between the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced settings. Comparatively, Beginner has the lowest cost of living cities and relatively fewer founder decisions to make, and Advanced has the highest cost of living cities and the most decisions the founder will have to make consequently. We’ve been heavily testing content behind the scenes to make sure the balancing stays intact.  
💲 Material Prices: In each simulation (with materials), the price of materials have been adjusted to approach a closer approximation to averaged real-life amounts (across various cities).

There were also a number of other (minor) updates across the board, but we believe these changes listed on the Community Update #14 provide the high level updates for March’s product releases.

🚀 The Product Roadmap - What's Next?

Our next release (early May) is scheduled to contain:
📲  Vertical Farming Simulation – Early Access: In May we’ll be releasing an early access build for all instructors who want to participate in the iteration lifecycle for the vertical farming simulation. If you have ideas or special requests – join our innovation council by emailing [email protected] with the subject line “Innovation Council – Agriculture Simulation” 
📊 Instructor Analytics & Data: We released an MVP in December for instructor analytics and we received some great feedback overall; so we’re concurrently in the process of revamping these capabilities to give instructors more visibility about the simulation differences, student attempts, best strategies, best attempts, and more.
That’s it for now ladies and gentlemen! Stay tuned for more updates; lastly, if you have any questions, requests, or would like more detail about the changes included on the Community Update #13 simply reply to this email and one of our team members would be happy to assist!
Best Regards,
~Jedidiah Weller & The Startup Wars Team
Community Update #13: Startup Wars - All Entrepreneurship Simulations