Community Update #8 – T-Shirt Company Simulation for Design Students Announced!

Watch the full community update and walkthrough!

To our community,

We are proud to announce that after 3 months of work work (following the USASBE/CEO conference in Chicago) we have finally completed the first iteration of our next simulation; focused on students interested in creating a t-shirt printing company.

This simulation is best used for “creative” students learning entrepreneurship. If you have a wide range of students in your course, this particular program may be perfect for you. In this simulation, students will experience:

  • How to create a T-shirt printing company
  • The basics of Supply Chain Management (for Creative Students)
    • We simplified this learning material for introductory courses! Students will have to buy materials (ink, t-shirts) and then schedule deliveries for those materials in time for customer orders or else lose the customer!
  • How to manage financial and personnel resources
    • Students will have to view a simplified Profit and Loss statement; and calculate their Landed Costs for each of their Products

What’s the Background?

Over the past year, we’ve been interviewing faculty and students alike to find out where students most often ‘disconnect’ when learning entrepreneurship. As it turns out, many introductory courses have a high concentration of students in majors such as Fashion Design, Art, Music, Design and more.

However; these students were not being served with content that was meaningful to them. For instance, a student in the Arts has likely wanted to start a Shopify or Etsy business; however, there were no simulations tailored for these students. Many of our instructor’s students felt that existing simulations focused too much on ‘lofty’ businesses, such as those seeking venture capital, in the tech industry, or other examples that were too out of reach.

Because of that feedback, we decided to create a new type of simulation that would resonate directly with these students – and wallah, the T-Shirt Simulation Series was born!

How do I take part this Semester?

As part of our partnership with both USASBE and and the members of these communities, we have are releasing the first version of the T-Shirt Simulation for free this semester.

To participate with your class or program, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Fill out the contact form or email us at [email protected] so we can create your personal Instructor Account.
  2. Assign the simulation to your students as a take-home assignment, and then have them fill out the customer feedback survey
  3. [Optional] – If you’d like your class to participate in a live focus group / customer discovery – we can schedule an in-class feedback session and bring our design team in to talk through their feedback! This way we can improve the simulation based on your student’s needs.

If you have requests for the next type of simulation, or would like to partner with us to create a customized series of simulations for your program, please fill out this form and contact us!

As always, stay entrepreneurial my friends!

Best Regards,

~Jedidiah Weller & The Startup Wars Team