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What is Project Management?

Project Management is the application of knowledge and skills to help guide a project to completion. A project can range from building a product, updating a website, creating a digital ad, and more. A project is series of tasks that will accomplish a goal.

Project Managers are usually the ones in charge of overseeing projects. It is up to the Project Manager to make sure the project brings value to the company. While the person managing the project doesn’t have to be a project manager, they will be using techniques and methods to ensure all goes well.

Why is Project Management Important?

According to studies by the Project Management Institute, projects without proper leadership can lead to missed delivery dates, errors in budgeting, and failure to meet the company’s goals. It’s necessary to have a designated role to delegate tasks, coordinate budgets, communicate between teams, and more.

Project Management can take many forms and names. For example, a wedding planner is an unofficial project manager. While there are a lot of differences between the two, it is the Wedding Planner’s job to ensure the wedding is planned, budgeted, and finishes successfully. They are the ones who manage the budget, contact and gathers the resources, keeps a watchful eye as the wedding happens, and helps make sure the wedding finishes with the desired results. 

This same perspective can be given to a construction manager, theater manager, and more. These fields are enjoyed by someone who likes organizing and planning projects of all kinds.

Project Management in Startup Wars

In Startup Wars, many mechanics simulate the Project Management experience. These mechanics include Sprint Planning, setting goals, and more. As the founder of your startup, it’s up to you to manage and run the company. You will have to delegate tasks to employees, decide on company direction, and accomplish company goals.

What Is Project Management And Why Is It Important?

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