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OPENFORGE ENTERPRISES is proud to announce the official launch of STARTUP WARS, INC, a startup simulation platform designed to help future founders succeed in entrepreneurship.

STARTUP WARS, INC. is currently working with university and faculty under a private beta and will be releasing publicly for early-access adoption in the Fall semester of 2021.

Our mission at Startup Wars is to educate and empower future entrepreneurs to change the world. We do this by giving them the real experiences they will need to run a successful company, but without the (real-life) financial risk.

Jedidiah Weller

More information on the launch, how to sign up, and the simulations will be provided in June, 2021.

For all media inquiries, please email hello @ with subject line “MEDIA INQUIRY”.

See you all soon!

Announcing STARTUP WARS, The Startup Simulation Game for Entrepreneurs

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Charlotte Kane
Charlotte Kane Undergraduate Student, The Ohio State University

Startup Wars allowed me to understand everything that goes into starting a business in 90 days.

Darshita Bajoria
Darshita Bajoria Undergraduate Student, The Ohio State University

Startup Wars is an interactive way to learn and hone entrepreneurial skills while being a no-risk outlet. Great tool for those pursuing entrepreneurship.