Members of an agency having a meeting

What are Agency Businesses?

Agency businesses provide clients with assistance in matching them with a company that will help deliver the services they are looking for. Examples of agencies are

  • Travel
  • Employment
  • Advertisement

These agencies work as middlemen to provide companies and clients with the right people. They meet with their clients to understand their needs and determine who will assist them.

Employment Agency

Employment agencies match employees with employers that they deem the best fit. These businesses allow employees and employers to save time and money looking for them themselves.

One way they help is by creating job listings for an open position. They can also pre-screen applicants to make sure they are fit for the job, saving time for the company. 

Travel Agency

Travel agencies provide all-in-one travel information to their customers. Allowing customers to save a lot of time since they do not have to do their research.

Travel agents get paid by commission of how many flights, hotels, or anything else that the travel agents book for the consumers.

They can also plan out entire itineraries for the clients. This creates a simplistic all-in-one stop for their customers and takes the headache out of planning. 

Agency Businesses

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