A gym being used by multiple customers

What are Shared Resources Businesses?

Shared resources businesses provide assets to customers that customers can use multiple times. While it may seem not to require much upkeep, it is necessary to keep the assets in prime condition to not diminish the experience for the user. To maintain an excellent shared resource, it must be

  • Able to be used multiple times without reducing the quality too much
  • Be able to be supported with-profits

This may not sound very clear at first, but it should provide more clarity once we give a few examples


Gyms fit the criteria mentioned above for shared resources. Their memberships cover the cost of maintenance, and customers can use equipment multiple times without affecting quality too much.

Additionally, they use wipes to clean and sanitize the equipment daily, which allows the equipment to maintain in good quality longer.


Museums are a special case with shared resource businesses. They need minimal maintenance repairs since their art needs to be of pristine quality as it is not touched or protected in glass encasings. However, museums will still need to pay for utilities which customers can pay via entry fees to view the gallery.

Understanding the Shared Resource Business Model

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